Barker Bay Resort - Located on Lower Manitou
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Frequently asked Questions.

What To Bring - Come prepared! Bring clothing that can be layered for the cool mornings and warm afternoons.

* Rods & Reels
* Tackle Box
* Rain Suit
* Camera & Film
* Thermos
* Insect Repellent/Sun Screen
* Small cooler for boat
* Polarized Sunglasses
* Cap or Visor
* Personal Medicines
* Bathing Suits
* Water Resistant Boots or Shoes
* Refreshments (Soda, Beer, Snacks etc)
* Housekeeping Plan Guests will need food for complete trip
* Life Jackets are available, however to ensure proper fit you may want to bring your own
* One liter of liquor or one 24 pack of beer or 2-750 ml bottles of wine are permitted duty free/person at customs
* One carton of cigarettes is permitted duty free at customs
(You may bring more liquor or cigarettes, but you must declare it and pay duty on the extra items)

We ask that you not bring electric coffee pots, deepfryers, frypans as these draw a lot of our solar power.  All cabins have perk coffee pots, kitchen pots and pans, gas grill and fish cookers are available.  Thank you